how do you comfort a person who is dying?

let them vocalize their hopes, their fears, their grief, their anger, their frustrations, their denial, their acceptance
sit there, in silence, listening, letting their thoughts find a place that isn’t caged in their heads, replaying over and over
let them hang their burdens out to dry, so they can confront them,
so they can hear their tongue for the first time taste what they were maybe too frightened, too ashamed, too naive to admit

and don’t pretend to know what it feels like to walk in their shoes-
you don’t, because you are dying, but your dying isn’t their dying,
life isn’t on timelapse,
and there is no one way a person should or can react to something as existential as their mortality-

so sit in silence and listen
let them speak of their grief,
do not feel saddened, do not feel shame
because there is power
in letting their soul occupy a space their body can no longer recognize,
in sitting-silently, listening-to witness.

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