2017 is for Growing

In my planner, under goal for the month, I simply wrote Growth. I wanted to take January slow, to properly ponder what I truly wanted for 2017-⠀


My aunt stopped me in the kitchen one day. She sat me down and told me, I know you’re going to be a doctor, but remember before anything you are a Woman first. Take care of your body. I was starving myself, feeding only the mental, emotional, spiritual parts of me. I wasn’t balanced. Find balance.


Once, in a class analyzing a literary work, the professor asked if the author was too self-aware. Do you think it turns the reader off? No-embrace your awareness. There’s honesty, and difficulty, in seeing yourself for who you are, in striving to fix the parts you don’t like. As long as it doesn’t cripple you, as long as there’s gratitude in the journey. We are works constantly in process. Remember there’s beauty in appreciating every step of the way. ⠀


I’ve realized that the hardest part of letting go is having to construct a future different from what you envisioned. It’s trying to have full faith and trust in the fact that there is no one single path. We move, we stop, we adjust, we move, we stop, we adjust, and somehow in the end we’ve zigzagged around but in that zigging and zagging we’ve picked up people and stories and lessons and memories and the full confidence that everything happens for a reason. I’ve accepted what happened. I’m embracing the unknown.⠀


Be light, my dear. Be light, with your thoughts, with your actions, with your self-criticisms, with your anger, with the heaviest of burdens that sits in your throat, on your chest. Be light. Be light. Be light. Breathe deeply, think clearly. Be light.

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