One last lesson of twenty-sixteen. When you focus on negativity you forget all the positivity. That’s exactly what happened. Shame on me.

These last couple of days I didn’t feel like 2016 was a year that I did. Looking back I remember a lot of studying, a lot of stressing, a lot of sitting at my desk trying to push information in my head and thinking how could I possibly be capable of doing this. I felt like I didn’t do enough, that I let a year slip right through my fingers. I felt as if there was still more yet to accomplish.

That’s when I forgot everything I have ever written and reflected on this year, the moments that have helped me discover who I am-lessons about death, about love, about believing in yourself, about balancing, about happiness, about the strength in vulnerability, about discipline, about perspective. Twenty-sixteen was a year about I looked within, and I’ve grown in so many ways that can’t be captured by photos or videos or even words.

It was a year filled with much more than I made it out to be. I completed pre-clinicals. I completed pre-clinicals. I completed pre-clinicals. I still shake at those words-I can’t believe it. I took my brothers to their first Rockets game and the joy I saw still warms my heart. I worked with an incredible group of people and actually stood up against bigotry in my city government. I got more involved in politics, met people who inspire me through their actions, people who truly want to make this world a better place, people who have made me a better person. I spoke up more, spoke up about issues I’m undeniably passionate about, spoke up for injustices that I feel strongly about. I wrote poems, I performed poems. I pushed my creativity. I traveled to my parent’s home and I still found it beautiful. I held hands of patients who told me things that still bring me to tears. I pushed my fears aside: I shared and I let people in. I let you in. All this I forgot. How? They should never be forgotten.

Thank you 2016 for teaching me how to be undeniably positive, how to find beauty in absolutely every moment, and how to heal. It’s been a year of genuine growth.

Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah.


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